Recent Tweets by Yao Group


  • Dr. Yao was recognized at the ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY) 2021 with the prestigious Lasting Research Award: "For pioneering research contributions sustained for around over two decades in Enterprise data exposure detection, high-precision vulnerability screening, and anomaly detection".
    Previous awardees include Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham (UT Dallas), Latanya Sweeney (Harvard), Elena Ferrari (University of Insubria, Italy), and Chris Clifton (Purdue University).
  • ACM Tech News on CryptoGuard, our work on hardening Java crypto, with quotes from Prof. Michael Hicks of Maryland and Dr. Cristina Cifuentes of Oracle Labs. July 2020. (Related work described in ACM CCS 2019 and arXiv 2020)
  • Slashdot, UK’s Register, and Helpnet Security on our Java secure coding research. Oct. 2017. (Our ICSE ’18 work)
  • New Scientist, ACM Technews, International Business Times on Android malware collusion work (in ASIACCS ’17). Apr. 2017.
  • Featured news in Communications of ACM on program anomaly detection. Jan. 2016.
    Communications of ACM
  • HPC Wire, Government Security News on detecting stealth attacks with program anomaly detection. Oct. 2015.
    HPC Wire, Government Security News
  • Computer World, TMC Net, IT Weekly Newsletter on causality-based insider threat detection. Oct. 2014.
    Computer World, TMC Net
  • Data-leak detection research highlight by Software Security Engineering Research Center (S2ERC), a NSF I/UCRC. Aug. 2014.
  • NSF, HPC Wire, Examiner, Federal Computer Week on network traffic causality reasoning for detecting stealthy malware activities. Jun. 2014.
    NSF, HPC Wire, Federal Computing
  •, and Supercomputing Online on quantitative anomaly detection and award-winning network traffic analysis work. Mar. 2013.
  • International Business Times, Homeland Security News Wires, PHYSORG (United Kingdom) on our award-winning keystroke dynamic security work. Nov. 2010.
  • NSF news and ACM Technews on our activity-based authentication. Nov. 2009.
    NSF, ACM Technews